Category: Web 2.0 (Observations)

One Or Two New Bits On The Site

Thanks to the new Hemingway theme, I’m able to add in some features that I’ve been meaning to do for some time, but that weren’t really practical on the old ‘Purple Train’ template. One of them is the integration of Clipmarks. Clipmarks is a web service that Eric Skiff is involved in (Eric and his wife Sara host The Alternative Music Show over on TPN) and it granulates on the Digg/netscape model. instead of allowing you to submit and vote on the most popular web pages on the internet, it allows you to highlight and republish just the important bits

Why Stop At A Blogging Code of Conduct?

Can someone stop for a second in all this kerfuffle about a Blogging Code of Conduct and answer me two questions. 1. Why? After all, Kathy Sierra has said that the code of conduct would not have helped in her case. Which seems to be the case that started Tim O’Reilly investigating and promoting the Code of Conduct. What benefit does a set of rules provide, when it is imposed by others on an area when we can barely agree what a blog actually is? 2. What is the Goal? Can it be summed up in one sentence that clearly