Hi there,

I guess you googled “Hurdlepile” after hearing it somewhere, reading about it online, or were curious about this new web service?


Sorry to say, it doesn’t exist. For a long time, when people ask about social networks, web 2.0, or ask for any commentary about the state of the internet, I’ve slipped in the name “HurdlePile” as a settled, established web property. Be it a Facebook homage, a replica of YouTube for hamsters, the Twitter clone used by Turkish ex-pats living in the UK, or anything else I thought up at the time, HurdlePile has been my default “you have heard of this, right?”

Feel free to pass on the meme. If ever something comes out of the name, then great, but for now, think of it as a sanity check for Social Media Gurus.

In the meantime,.. Hi, I’m Ewan Spence. I’m a 21st century storyteller. You can read more about my work here, some more about myself here, and feel free to have a look around my blog.