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Trivial Posts #21: Bond Themes, Vincent Price’s Team, And Nuclear Dreams

And now, live (ish) from the Dublin Web Summit, some links and thoughts from my recent web browsing. If you’re at the Summit, ping me and say hi. If you get Trivial Posts emailed over to you, just hit reply. Web readers can reach me via ewanspence@gmail.com. What I’ve Been Up To What does the 1000 True Fans theory offer performers entering the Eurovision Song Contest, or any TV talent show? Some thoughts on maximising the moments over on ESC Insight. My ‘Beyond Eurovision’ radio show continues to be broadcast four times a week on Radio Six International, tune in

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Which comes first, the audience or the subscription?

What I find interesting about Andrew Sullivan’s move to a ‘porous’ subscription model for his site The Dish, is where the various $20 subscribers came from. There wasn’t a long pledge drive, there wasn’t a slow burn as people had to decide to sign up or not. On announcing the change and the membership fee, Sullivan and his team saw over $900,000 in cash pledged by his readers. That there is the dedicated audience. That’s the ‘1000 Fans’ concept in action. Sullivan has a base audience who consider his site to be part of their life so much that there

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