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If you’re going to do a podcast, do it with some self-esteem

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Marco Arment looks at how just a few tweaks can polish a podcast from ‘two people on Skype’ into something with a bit more class and potential:

Just as blogs need sensible fonts, colors, layouts, and spacing to be comfortably readable, podcasts need to be listenable. And you can’t make easily listenable podcasts without at least basic equipment and production.

This doesn’t take tons of money and fancy equipment — it takes some cheap equipment, plus a bit of effort and caring about how your podcast sounds, just as you could make a few changes to your CSS in 2006 to make your blog a lot more readable.

Anyone in the podcasting space not already doing this should mark this as a ‘must read’ article.

Some online lists to finish off the year

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

It’s fair to say that a lot of my more memorable work this year has been in either the Symbian smartphone space, or covering Eurovision. And in the last festive period I’ve had a look round the two worlds to write up some stuff.

The first is a nice big treasure of links over on All About Symbian, with 101 online resources for Symbian smartphones. Naturally everyone is telling me that I missed their site out, so I’m expecting to update this and tweak it to “More than 101…” in the near future.

While I’ve not quite finished the 101 Links for Eurovision, I have put together a more detailed look at some of the ways to enjoy the Song Contest online over at ESC Insight. The link haul will be coming shortly, for those of you wondering why they’ve been left out!

So how well do you know your space, and could you put together the more important links?