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Reviewing The Reviewers At The Fringe

Monday, August 31st, 2015

With its tounge slightly in cheek, FringePig has award its first “ham-fisted” award for “the Fringe reviewer who most misunderstood what they were looking at.” to The List’s Graeme Connelly for his review of Stuat Goldsmith’s show:

Graeme wins for his stunning use of bathos. In his review of ‘Stuart Goldsmith: An Hour‘ he worships at the feet of Goldsmith for several paragraphs, and then ends with three stars. It’s a simple formula, but a winning one. The funniest reviews are often the simplest. Connelly receives the staggering sum of £50 which, we are told, can buy a very brief sensation of three-star pleasure if you know where to look. Mr Goldsmith wins £200, which he hardly needs since he is, apparently, a glowing comedy adonis with the world at his three-star feet.

Here’s the ‘winning’ review for your pleasure. Now, who’s reviewing the podcasters?

The Edinburgh Fringe Is Nearly Here

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Back in August 2005 I started a podcast around the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s now August 2015, and I’m still doing it. The Edinburgh Fringe Show is coming up to the boil, with blog posts, preview podcasts, and diary entries, before the daily on-ehour show kicks off next week on Monday 10th.

Head over to to keep up to date with all the fun of the Fringe.

Over The Air 2015 has a date, now I need to think of something mad

Monday, December 8th, 2014

The weekend of September 25th/26th in 2015 will see the next edition of ‘Over The Air.’ If I go (and right now I think I will be), I’m going to need to do something pretty darn spectacular.