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Trivial Posts #29: To Be Read In The Style Of Clive Anderson

A slightly delayed Trivial Posts this week, but it’s still full of the best stories, links, and articles that I’ve found online this week. You can sign up to have this posted out to you every week, subscribe to the newsletter version here. Who’s Line Was First Anyway? They might be ten-a-penny on panel shows and in comedy clubs, but when did the lust for improvised comedy start in the UK? John Dowie discovers the first giants for Chortle… Jim Sweeney and Steve: Just as the Sex Pistols had inspired a generation of kids to form bands, so Alexei Sayle inspired a load of performers

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The future of media is cosplay

From The PA Report: But let’s get back to the general ecosystem out there: How do sites justify running longer, in-depth stories that won’t bring in the huge page views? I have bad news. They write shit. Popular shit. I stopped getting mad at the “Top Ten Japanese Panties I Jerked Off To Last Night” stories on certain sites when I realized that the hundreds of thousands of page views those articles received helped pay for a writer to spend a week gathering sources and do original reporting for a feature. The “Sexy Cosplay” galleries are worth an epic amount

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How much value is there in a flip on Flipboard?

He revealed that the app… has gone from 250 million flips per month to 550 million flips per month in the four months since June. Which means what exactly? That you;re not ready to compare it to ABC metrics? Or that there’s something in the 3.5 million downloads of Flipboards over 35 million iPads sold that’s not adding up? No matter what, Flipboard is very sexy and a good reader, but if they’re going for the advertising dollar, I hope they have statistics people understand and can compare.

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