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Musical Time Capsules

What happens when you try to power up and look at the contents of your seventeen year old iPod? James Bareham fights Firewire cables, antiquity, and Thunderbolt dongles to find out. And the results? not just a bit of digital archaeology but a look back into the mind of his younger self: Though my Apple music devices changed over time, growing slimmer and more powerful with every iteration, much of the music on them remained the same. Seventeen years is a long time in both the worlds of music and technology, but not everything dates in the same way. Though

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The horror of digitizing the BBC archive

When you’re converting tapes, you’re aware that this might be their last chance A somewhat scary look at the process of digitizing the BBC film archives… Why scary? When you consider the cultural history in these tapes, if the tape is chewed up while being scanned, if it sticks on a roller, that’s game over, and something else is lost.

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The ‘lost’ right to delete your content

Of course, the forced replacement of “delete” with “archiving” is presented as benevolent. Yet, if it were truly benevolent, we’d not have the right to lose forever taken from us. It would be offered as a choice. Of course, given that choice, we might well just do that and delete and that would spoil the wishes of the Timeline paranoids – their paranoia based on a fear of gaps, of holes and of empty spaces they do not own and control. Paul Levy, on an issue he marks as “an over-dramatic sounding article about what, at first glance, might look

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