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The shocking disparity of data roaming and Pay as you Go while abroad

I’m in Armenia, and I was planning on relying on Wi-fi hotspots to keep me connected, but as the group i was having dinner with were heading to buy some prepaid SIM cards, I thought “why not” and checked the price. 500 Armenian Dram picked up a SIM card with 400 Dram on the card. At a metered rate of 5 dram per megabyte, that gives me 80MB to play with. On previous experience Windows Phone pulls down 15-20MB a week for my regular usage, so I’m set (or at least will be when the SIM is activated in the

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Norton to succeed Wogan on Eurovision Destroys any UK Hopes

NNNnnnnnooooooo!!!!! No on the count of “Execs have big plans for the show and want to make it more glitzy, with one eye on X Factor [UK ‘Talent’ Show).” I’ve said this before, we don’t win Eurovision because the UK mainstream media does not take it seriously. Having a talent contest, for amateurs, and then throwing them on the stage in front to tens of thousands of people in the stadium and expect them to blow the superstar singers of other countries away in a live performance? No on Wogan not making his mind up (sic): “Terry may decide he

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