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Why do prospective artists need a plan B when lawyers don’t?

Musiciain Blake Morgan, writing about his time at a school’s careers day: The students’ faces lit up with curiosity. I added, “I hope you don’t listen to those other voices. I hope instead you listen to your own. That voice from inside you that guided you here today. I hope you go for it, with abandon and furious joy, and that you do so without a Plan B.” Immediately, the teacher stood up and said, “No, no no…that’s wrong. You should always have a Plan B. Don’t listen to him, that’s not right.” She walked towards me to cut me

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Fergal Sharkey points out the difference between pizza and music

But even the most experienced music hands have failed to benefit from the EFG [Enterprise Finance Guarantee, where the Government guarantees 75% of a loan to a business]. One music manager, representing some of the UK’s most successful artists, was repeatedly turned down for scheme loans, even when he personally agreed to guarantee the remaining 25% of the loan. So the bank’s risk was 0%. Instead, the lender in question recommended he open a pizza franchise. Of course in the old days this was called an advance from your publisher, which you spent on touring… and eating pizza in the

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