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Don’t believe Windows Phone 8, it doesn’t do back-ups

One of my pieces on All About Windows Phone: Windows Phone 8 does not back-up your device. It backs up a list of your applications and the global settings in your phone. Social network accounts tied into the People Hub are synced with your Live account, so they can be easily restored (including the address book and calendars), but that’s about it. Putting a Windows Phone back to the condition it was before a reset is nigh-on impossible. In this day and age, am I wrong in thinking that this is unacceptable? Or does the fact that the restore does

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The Sidekick, Data in the Cloud, and Practical Advice

News that Microsoft subsidiary Danger has pretty much lost all the cloud data for users of Sidekick phones is pretty shocking to those who are promoting “the cloud” as a good place to do online work. I’ve posted an editorial over on All About Symbian: What’s going to be more worrying for the industry as a whole is the damage that this will do to the idea of cloud computing, the idea that your data is safe, the goal of just moving everything online (such as Google Apps) and running your corporate email and document storage there is a noble

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An Archive Isn’t Enough – Sometimes You Need A Map

Most people are aware of the need to back up their data in case their computer is lost or damaged, but there is something else to consider with all your creative work. It’s all well and good backing it up and putting it safely in storage, but you need to be able to get it out again at a moment’s notice. Two recent blog posts, based around US politics and photography, reminded me of this. But what posts they were, and how they sparked a conversation, will be found over on my post at the Creative Choices site.

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