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It won’t be long before you’ll need a UK TV licence for your computer

With Swedish public broadcaster SVT set to open up their streaming service for the iPad, peple relyingon their tablets to watch TV without a TV at home will fall under the remit of the Swedish licence fee. On Tuesday, SVT CEO Eva Hamilton used an opinion article published in the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper to announce the state broadcaster would soon offer its entire broadcast line-up free of charge online. While the change will allow viewers to browse through SVT’s entire repertoire on tablet computers as well as smartphones, it also means that people who exclusively consume programmes and news via

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Which is better, the right experts, or the right gender?

Fiona Fox, writing at the BBC’s ‘College of Journalism’ on the insistence of a balanced debate being a balance of the sexes. If all things are equal, and there are top experts of both sex available, then I am happy to discriminate in favour of putting a woman on air. Where I am uneasy is when all things are not equal and the best expert available is a man. Positively discriminating in favour of a woman with less expertise is patronising to women, bad news for the media coverage of science, and ultimately bad news for the quality of public debate on science.

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Just because you can (Q,10), doesn’t mean you should (Z,10)

Academic decides that the Scrabble tile scores are all wrong and need to be balanced. Meanwhile the manufacturer points out that people have complained about that since the game was launched in the thirties, and no they won’t be changing Scrabble. Mattel has no plans to change Scrabble tiles. It is not a game where fairness is paramount, it is a game of luck and changing the tile values wouldn’t achieve anything. If only Mattel ran Facebook’s timeline design process.

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