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When Silicon Meets Valley

New Yorker’s Andrew Marantz goes behind the scenes at the TV show ‘Silicon Valley’ and finds out that yet another TV sitcom is based heavily on the real work. It’s just that Silicon Valley is surprised when it gets an accurate portrayal in the media world. Dotan called his compression expert, Tsachy Weissman, an engineering professor at Stanford. “He spent hours walking me through the very dense history of lossless compression,” Dotan said. “The way I understood it, basically, was that Claude Shannon, in 1948, worked on compressing files from the top down, using coding trees, whereas David Huffman, a

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Behind the scenes at Question Time

Fleet Street Fox writes up her experiences as a first-time panellist on BBC’s Question TIme: Since I ‘came out’ [as a blogger] last year I’ve been asked to do a bit of telly stuff, and as it pays me money, gets me readers and makes sense I’ve had to get used to plonking myself in front of cameras instead of avoiding them like the plague. I’m used to criticising from the sidelines where it’s safe, perhaps livetweeting on the #bbcqt hashtag, not rollicking a politician while sat next to them and they can answer back. QT is different though – this is

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Spellcasting: B.e.h.i.n.d. T.h.e. S.c.e.n.e.s.

With Tim Child (Creator) and Hugo Myatt (Treguard): Some of the teams were tremendous. We had a splendid team of girls who achieved a rare victory by completing their particular themed quest. The one they put under the helmet was a bit of a strider; they guided her towards a door, and she bumped straight into the blue screen. She let out an expletive we didn’t think she’d know at that age. Another team who stayed in a hotel overnight ended up having a punchup. One of them came in the next morning with a lovely black eye, which took

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