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No empty bench in Soho Square

Friday, December 18th, 2015

I fell out of favour with¬†Heaven¬†somewhere. And I’m here for the hell of it now.

Billy Bragg sings "Never Buy The Sun"

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Will it stop at The News of the World?

And for those wondering about the chorus, Wikipedia’s Hillsborough page will answer that. The British public can have a long memory when it is betrayed.

Twitter For Sale on Ebay: One Careful User Only

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Andrew Baron has decided to sell his Twitter account to the highest bidder (hat tip to Chris Brogan for the info). On offer through Ebay are his account, login and his 1387 followers. Bidding is currently just under $500, which works out at around 30 cents (14p) per user.

Twitter on Ebay

Baron’s Ebay Auction

Now, putting aside the person doing the actual selling (Baron has history as the founder of Rocketboom, amongst other things), is this an approach that’s going to be worthwhile long term? I don’t think so. Even though the metrics are going to be discussed in a similar vein – we’ll get the value of exactly how much a follower of Baron is worth, and then the new owner will have to work to keep them on board just as any accquistion would have to do – this is more a stunt sale which will be hard to replicate.

There’s nothing wrong with stunt income, but it can only work once at best (otherwise there would be rather a lot of million dollar homepages) and anyone following the path (and those buying those copycats) will probably see a diminishing return. That may be enough for people, looking at the number of social networks that get flipped, but it’s not a business plan.

It is a great marketing idea, and will get Baron noticed. The buyer will get some column inches as well I suspect. And as with all great flips, the users of the service (ie won’t see any return.

I hope Billy Bragg isn’t following Baron!