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Eurovision songs reach the Top 40, Radio One holds its nose and has to play them. Win!

I’ve been quiet about my Eurovision activities on this blog over the last two or three weeks (on the assumption that you all know where to find me, or saw the Twitter action), but I want to highlight this little fact. Four Eurovision songs reached the Top 40 yesterday, and 12 tracks made the Top 100. The power of social media and the ability to instantly buy digital music online has once more been able to show that the music does have an impact. The old-school gatekeepers might not hand tracks like ‘Undo’ or ‘Calm After The Storm’ a physical

The Fringe Podcast, beaten only by Radio 4

I popped into iTunes yesterday to grab some links, and while I was there, check that the Fringe podcast is showing up and getting fed through properly (to which the answer is almost, as the new album art needs picked up), and I glanced at the top lists in the Arts section. As you do. Wow. The individual episodes list had one of the Fringe podcasts in ninth place. And if you count The Archers and The Archers Omnibus as one show (which for PR purposes I think I will), the Fringe podcast made #3 in the overall charts! The

Charts Could Seal the Fate of UK’s 2010 Entry

I think that this week’s UK Charts pretty much answers the question of what happens to Jade Ewen post Eurovision. Around Europe, her Eurovision song “It’s My Time” charted at #75 (Germany), #34 (Sweden) and  #75 (Switzerland). Becoming a success in Europe was one option after her appearance in the song Contest with the Lloyd Webber/Warren penned song. The other was to become a big name in the UK. Unfortunately the bottom line, chart success and single sales, hasn’t happened. She entered the Top 50 last week at #27, and this week has dropped out of the Top 75. Not