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Shall we meet at SXSW?

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Once more I’ll be jetting off to Austin in March for another week or so at South by Southwest and I’ll be attending the three main strands (Interactive, Film, and Web). As always I’m going out with a few aims.

The first is to meet old friends (and make new ones) so if you want to grab a coffee over some gingerbread pancakes, let me know. The second is to see what’s new in the tech, media, and music world. Be it start-ups, bands, films, ideas in the seminars, products on the show floor, SXSW is a guide to many new ideas.

Finally it’s about inspiration and getting ‘fired up’ over new ideas.

So, I’m going to SXSW. If you are as well, let me know and let’s ‘do coffee’.

Trivial Posts #22: Black Coffee, Bridge Of Spies, And 25

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

It’s been a busy November, bouncing around Europe, from the Web Summit in Dublin, to hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest’s international radio coverage (yes, once more I’m ‘A Eurovision Commentator’, never give up on your mad dreams, kids!). I’ve found some nice things online you might like to read about as well – which is what Trivial Posts thrives on!

‘Ted Drank His Coffee Black…’

Put aside your aeropresses, your hand-ground beans, your exotic steamers, what really drives the world is cheap, bad, coffee. Keith Pandolfi makes the convincing argument:

The best cup of coffee I ever had was the dirty Viennese blend my teenage friends and I would sip out of chipped ceramic mugs at a cafe near the University of Cincinnati while smoking clove cigarettes and listening to Sisters of Mercy records, imagining what it would be like to be older than we were. The best cup of coffee was the one I enjoyed alone each morning during my freshman year at Ohio State, huddled in the back of a Rax restaurant reading the college paper and dealing with the onset of an anxiety disorder that would never quite be cured.

Then again, maybe the best cup of coffee I ever had was the one I drank in high school, right after my mother married a man named Ted.

Maxwell Hosue gets the nod in the article, although my preference is for …….

The Case For Bad Coffee

From The Other Side

The fury of PR is (starting to) die away, leaving just the album, the music, and a handful of gems inside the puff pieces. The Rolling Stone’s interview is one of the former:

With a young child to raise, Adele took an unhurried approach to making the album. A full six months passed between writing the verses of “Hello” and nailing the chorus. “We had half a song written,” says producer/co-writer Greg Kurstin, who didn’t know if Adele was ever going to come back and finish it. “I just had to be very patient.”

Brian Hiatt spends time with the singer-songwriter to tell the story of the moister album.

Adele: Inside Her Private Life And Triumphant Return

It Was A Theme She Had…

Staying with music but looking back a little further, it’s thirty years since ‘China In Your Hand’ was released from T’Pau’s ‘Bridge Of Spies’ album (one of the first ‘pop’ albums that I can remember specifically asking for). Co-writers Carol Decker and Ron Rogers look back at how the number one single came to be.

I didn’t think more about it until we were in America recording our debut album, Bridge of Spies. You know the expression “polishing the turd”? One song wasn’t working, so we had to stop polishing! Our producer, Roy Thomas Baker, went: “Well, what else have you got?” I’d brought my cassette of China and played it to him very unsurely, and that was that.

How we made T’Pau’s China in Your Hand

When Amazon Built A Physical Store

Former indie bookseller Dustin Kurtz takes a visit to Amazon’s first retail store in Seattle. Cunningly named ‘Amazon Books’ it replicates the web experience in a physical space. Amazon may have web pages optimised, but shelving? That’s a little bit trickier:

The store is physically odd. It betrays inexperience with retail. The stacks are situated too close to one another so that you have to brush past other browsers—Paco Underhill’s famed “butt brush”—and can’t comfortably bend down to see books on lower shelves. The first display tables are too near the doors, which discourages browsing. Above the shelves along the walls are bays of books, spine out—decoratively arranged overstock. They have no bearing on the books below them.

The question for me is what Amazon will do with the data from a store. After all, they’re doing rather well with data from online sales, eBook consumption, and the Goodreads property.

My 2.5 Star Trip to Amazon’s Bizarre New Bookstore

You Take The Very High Road

Because every newsletter needs bagpipes in space…

Astronaut plays bagpipes on International Space Station

This Week’s Long Read: Robinson Crusoe On Water

The story of Salvador Avarenga is stunning in its enormity and power. Jonathan Franklin writes up his story in The Guardian, ahead of the release of the full novel of Avarenga’s 438 days:

In November 2012, Salvador Alvarenga went fishing off the coast of Mexico. Two days later, a storm hit and he made a desperate SOS. It was the last anyone heard from him – for 438 days. This is his story

Lost at sea: the man who vanished for 14 months

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A Quick Trip To San Francisco… Who Has Interesting Things To Show Me?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

This weekend I’m nipping over to San Franciso and the Bay Area – as you do – with a view to meet as many people as possible for coffee, snacks, lunch, and dinner. If you’re reading this and around between Sunday 27th and Wednesday 30th, let’s meet up, you all know how to reach me.

And anyone who has something interesting to show me with my Forbes hat on that pushes new technology in mobile, and social media, reach out to me via email (

Keurig decides to lock-down your coffee machine

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Because what the world needs more than instant coffee, is instant DRM-enabled coffee.

And over there, a teeny-tiny smartphone, selling coffee

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

If Microsoft are serious in increasing their retails stores in the US from 11 stores to 87, then can I suggest they look beyond retail space and make theme cool places to hang out. Free wi-fi, a little coffee bar, comfy seats, rooms available for free use by clubs, societies and websites to arrange get-togethers. Make them as attractive to people as possible, and those people will over time help the bottom line, even if you might struggle to see the return in the till of the bricks and mortar stores.

But seriously, a coffee bar. In every store.

LOL’ing Over The Morning Coffee

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

As I do, I sit with my morning coffee and bounce around the web. Sometimes I find articles that are informative, sometimes I find challenging stuff, sometimes I just sit there giggling. But this article on 10 Zen Monkeys about Why Sarah [Palin]’s Sex Life Matters, is priceless coffee over the keyboard moment no matter what side of the divide you’re on….

So here comes Sarah Palin, who apparently is not in menopause at all. She just had a baby a few months ago, so her heterosexuality is just bleeding out all over the place. She’s just rolled out of bed! That’s the impression we get from this woman. They can’t get her on the dyke thing. She’s up in Alaska, shooting guns and taking names! So she’s gotten a pass on this. And she is irresistible!

We simply haven’t had an overtly fecund, butch, straight-woman sex symbol in so long. She’s like Annie Oakley with her six-shooters and her polar bears, her caribou dressing and her moose stew. She’s got five kids hanging off of her, and you’re like “Hells bells, that woman can fuck in the morning, go out for a long hike on the Arctic tundra, take down a polar bear or two, and be back in time to pass some new creationist legislation.” She just kicks ass. I mean, she’s just so — mmm. So like a powerful woman.

It’s exciting, isn’t it?

Exciting isn’t exactly the word I would use….