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#Back2Blog and my current thinking around this blog

An interesting post from Stephanie Tara caught my eye last week – she was ‘rebooting’ her blog with the #Back2Blog hashtag, and committing to ten blog posts over ten days. For the next ten days [starting Monday 24th June, today], I’m going to write a post a day. I’ll keep it short: blogging used to be quick and dirty, and somewhere between the arrival of Facebook and Twitter, posts have started growing into long essays that take hours to write… How short is short? Roughly a screenful. Not more. I have a ton of ideas to blog about, and view

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The implications behind the ‘who named podcasting’ question

What upsets me about Dave Winer’s re-fashioning of the origins of podcasting is not the debate about who got to the name ‘podcast’ first (as Winer points out, he heard this first on September 15th 2004, while Ben Hammersly talked about ‘podcast’ as an alternative to the then accepted term of ‘audioblogging’ on February 12th 2004). I’ll credit Winer and the iPodder-Dev list for adopting the name podcasting for their project, sure. I’ll credit Winer for adding enclosure support to RSS (and that’s the big one, tech wise). But there’s no way that Winer can take credit for creating a

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Today is Going to be ‘Leave a Comment Day’

One of things I decided to do a lot at this year’s SXSW conference was to introduce people. It’s been joked by some that I know everyone at these conferences. I don’t, but when I get stopped in the halls of the Austin Convention Centre every ten yards it’s kind of hard to not generate that impression. So I decided to be a facilitator this year at SXSW Interactive, and had a great time. To keep that spirit going, I’m going to make sure that throughout April I leave at least one comment on someone’s blog every day. If we’re

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