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BlackBerry and the momentum of hesitation

Morgan Stanley are ‘holding off’ on a move to BB10 (as a company they are heavy BB7 users). The reason of course is the long0term support of the platform, which is tied up in the long-term survival of BlackBerry as a company. Developers are hesitant to switch fully to BB10, relying on cross-platform tools such as Unity in the meantime; business clients are hesitant to sign up lengthy support contracts that will impact on their IT department for years; and the high street seems to be turning away from the physical keyboard on the Q10 and Q5. BlackBerry’s quarterly result

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Step One To Blogging… Listen

One more thing from Blog World Expo, this time on IT-Pro, and what business and enterprise could learn from the conference attendees… While blogs are still considered to be written by individuals from their own viewpoints, a number of companies have presence online in this space – and it’s proving to be a worthwhile investment. That was among the messages from the many professional and corporate bloggers at the recent Blog World Expo. Indeed, at one time, a corporate website was the exception, not the rule. This has obviously changed, and most people expect businesses to become more involved in

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