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Blackstar album art available under Creative Commons licence

The start artwork for David Bowie’s towering album ‘Blackstar’ is now available under a Creative Commons licence for personal and non-commercial purposes. Designer Jonathan Barnbrook: So in the spirit of openness and in remembrance of David we are releasing the artwork elements of his last album ? (Blackstar) to download here free under a Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence. That means you can make t-shirts for yourself, use them for tattoos, put them up in your house to remember David by and adapt them too, but we would ask that you do not in any way create or sell commercial products with

Apparently I am a Freesoul…

Last year I was contacted by Joi Ito, asking for permission to use one of his pictures of myself in a photo gallery book he was putting together. The book was Freesouls and the aim was: …to put together a photography book which is about all of the inspirational moments and inspirational people from the last year. I have been lucky to be able to capture many of those moments in my photography and I am hoping that a book will be a good way to provide context for and share those moments with a wider audience of people. Here’s

Some Thoughts on Creative Commons

Over on the Creative Choices Blog, I’ve posted some thoughts on the use of the creative commons licence. It’s very much a primer article, nothing in depth or controversial, but your thoughts would be much appreciated on it… Looking around the web, you’ll see a lot of sites branded as CC. Now this isn’t some insidious marketing for the Creative Choices site, but rather Creative Commons, a form of licence that many people use on their work. At its most basic form, it allows people to share what they create, and let others work with it without them having to