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Design your own Filofax cover

The Filofax Doodle: Be creative and individualise your cover using the spiral doodle tool provided. No diary is included, so it is ideal as a notebook or add your own choice of diary. Includes a small square of material to test your pen. Can’t help thinking this should have been a wiple clean surface with a magic pen, rather than a one shot design process. Ah well, still cool.

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Congratulations on landing something memorable for the Google Doodle on the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum, but (a) did we have to share it with St George and (b) given the lack of complexity on show, I suspect the designer was not a master of ZX Spectrum artwork… Yes it follows the rules, but there’s an art to packing in info on a Speccy Screen, and this isn’t quite it.

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