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You gotta have an app store, even your wrist needs an app store

And so we move on to the next digital revolution. Once upon a time you knew that your cutting edge technology had made it because someone had ported ‘Doom’ to it. Now you know you’re with the hip crowd when your device gets its very own app store. My wrist now has an app store, thanks to Pebble: We are extremely excited to announce the Pebble appstore! Many of you, as developers, have asked for it and we are happy to announce that it will go live with Pebble SDK 2.0 early next year. Pebble appstore will be included in the

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Forget Aliens: Colonial Marines, there is only one true Aliens video game… Total Conversion

Lots of fury over this review of the long-awaited ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ as the majority of reviews come in at the 40% mark, with a few outliers in the mainstream gaming press giving the title around 90% (and publications like EGM Now hosting an advert for the game ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ behind a glowing review of ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’), but once again I come back to a simple rule of thumb about any game developed around the ‘Aliens’ franchise. There is no finer first person gaming experience than Aliens:TC, the total conversion Doom level.

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Step aside Doom, there’s a new standard in town

It used to be that you could tell when a computing platform had matured because ID Software’s first person shooter, Doom, was running on it – which led to silly things like it running on a Kodak DC290 digital camera. So we needed a new standard. Angry Birds is now running on Windows Phone and available in the Marketplace. We have our new standard.

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