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Don’t forget to listen to Edinburgh Nights every week!

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

You might recall that after this year’s radio broadcast of the  Edinburgh Fringe chat show came to the end, I decided to keep the format alive and showcase all the fun things in Edinburgh each week (that would have been the moment for a David Tennant-esque “I don’t want to go…”). It’s three months later, and Edinburgh Nights is still on the air, at 3pm every Friday, with a podcast available to listen again to the show (if you’re in Edinburgh), or to listen fresh to the whole hour if you are further afield.

It’s a show that continues to evolve, but being able to highlight the great bands playing in the capital, give some airtime to the theatre shows around Edinburgh, and to go beyond the ten minute set from the comedians playing the Festival city, are all adding up to an exciting hour every week.

If you’re not yet listening, head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast, and if you are a regular listener, why not think about leaving a review?

What comes after the Fringe podcast? Edinburgh Nights!

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

I might have hinted at this near the end of my thoughts looking back at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe podcast. I had a blast doing the show, which this year was recorded and broadcast live on Castle FM as well as going out as a podcast through the usual RSS powered sources.

When the Fringe was over, the time-slot on the FM dial was still open, so it felt natural to keep the one hour format of music and intervews going, but with some tweaks to fit the landscape in Edinburgh for the other 11 months of the year. So it’s a weekly one-hour show, 3pm-4pm every Friday, with guests from comedy, theatre, music, and the occasional special event, mixed in with bands playing in the local clubs, and a little quiz element called ‘Twenty Questions Wrong‘ (more on that in my next blog post, I think).

As I’m writing this after the event, you can listen to the show right now. I promise I’ll give you a bit more heads up next week so those of you outside Edinburgh can listen to the live stream from Castle FM. Truth is with the move to Castle FM’s Studio One I wanted to get all the buttons and sliders in the right place before the internet audience arrived!

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With Keith Jack, Leah Bonnema, Penny Black, Tom Diben’s theatre preview, and music from Sienna, The Gorms, Sham 69, and Matt Gloss and the Emulsions.
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