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The start of another Eurovision season means a new podcast

[audio:http://archive.org/download/escinsight_20170908_498/escinsight_20170908_498.mp3] Imagine if the only football you watched was the FA Cup Final in May? If the only baseball game of interest was the World Series. If the only American Football match was the Superbowl. And imagine the delight if you found out that there was a season’s worth of action… Well, it’s

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Start the Clock on the Eurovision 2012 campaign (and the ESC Insight podcasts!)

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/UnofficialEurovisionSongContestPodcast109/escinsight_20110902_109.mp3] The clock has started, 267 days to go, songs can be published and still be eligible, and the Grand Final is set for Saturday May 26th. All that, more news, and music from Georgea Blakey, in the latest Eurovision Song Contest Insight Podcast.

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