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Medium Keeps On Boiling The Frogs

Ev Williams waxes lyrical about all the changes at medium, from the new app and ability to be mentioned, to  updates to the online editor and the rather Zune-like logo: Increasingly, people come to Medium to find the most diverse thinking on issues they care about. And they don’t just find it, they read it. And they don’t just read it, they respond, they share, they highlight the best parts. When you read on Medium, you’re reading and thinking with others – others who share your views, as well as those who don’t (which makes you smarter). I’m proud of where

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Twitter For Sale on Ebay: One Careful User Only

Andrew Baron has decided to sell his Twitter account to the highest bidder (hat tip to Chris Brogan for the info). On offer through Ebay are his account, login and his 1387 followers. Bidding is currently just under $500, which works out at around 30 cents (14p) per user. Baron’s Ebay Auction Now, putting aside the person doing the actual selling (Baron has history as the founder of Rocketboom, amongst other things), is this an approach that’s going to be worthwhile long term? I don’t think so. Even though the metrics are going to be discussed in a similar vein

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