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Follow The PSP Show on Facebook to win Prizes!

As well as the podcast and the site here, The PSP Show also is on Facebook, where we’re hoping to start off more discussions an interactions through the rest of 2009. Head on over to The PSP Show on Facebook to find out how we’ll be covering the PSP-Go, what titles are up for review in the next few shows, chat with other listeners. While it’s been there for a while it’s not really taken off. But I’ll make a deal with you and sort out some PSP related prizes when we pass 50 members and 100 members in the

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Technology and the Edinburgh Fringe

having been through the Fringe guide many times to plan out some of the adventures of the Fringe Podcast, I noticed back in June a number of shows that were leveraging technology such as online chat-rooms, Facebook and various other real time internet sites to start or drive their plot. “That’s worth a closer look,” I thought. And the results of that examination can now be read over on the BBC News website: This should not come as a great surprise. There is more emotional activity happening online every day, from relationships and marriage proposals, to storytelling, describing the world

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