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Why Do I Write What I Think About Technology?

Tomorrow the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released to the public. For some reason Apple has never offered me the hardware to review ahead of a public launch, so I’ll be very close to the front of the line. After the purchase I’ll start reviewing the handset online, with my first impressions at the end of the day and a more refined review a week or two later. Thinking about how to review the device has sent me down an interesting mental path, partly because of the reaction to the existing coverage of the iPhone 7 and

50 Facts On Mild Autism

Loving this list by Chris Bonnello, with gems such as: …5) If you have it mildly, you’re at the awkward midpoint of being ‘normal enough’ for everyone to expect the same from you as everyone else, but ‘autistic enough’ to not always reach those expectations. …16) Hints don’t work. Just bloody tell us. (Seriously, on my first ever date the girl wanted me to pay for her lunch, so instead of just asking me honestly she hinted that she didn’t have enough money for food and for the bus. I just smiled and said “don’t worry, cheesy chips are only

Fifty Fun Facts About Eurovision (Beginners Guide pt 5)

The final part of the Beginners Guide to the Eurovision Song Contest today is less about the mechanics of the contest, running orders and scoring, and more about the delight of Song Contest itself. I decided to switch the camera on and talk about the trivia, the fun, and the facts that raise eyebrows about Eurovision, and mentally started counting till I reached fifty. I went a little bit over! Anyway, here you go, a delightful stroll in the mind of a Eurovision’ite. A fan who’s now packing a bag ready to fly to the contest and be there, live,