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Looking at the Flex organiser from Filofax

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The new modular system from Filofax is nice, and lets Filofax address the same market as the Moleskine range. And I love that you can hack it with Field Notes and Cahiers as ell as the genuine Flex refills. More thoughts after I use it in anger at the Fringe, but for now…

You can’t look at this in a vacuum, The middle sized Slim Flex is £19, and you can get a basic Filofax Personal for about the same cost. But in context, you’re also picking up a 64 page notebook and jot pad with the binder. The list price for Moleskine notebook of the same size is £10, and the notepad refill for Flex, with 256 pages, is £7.50. Yes, there’s a higher install investment, but the ongoing costs are about the same, and there is more organisational ability in Flex.