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Design your own Filofax cover

The Filofax Doodle: Be creative and individualise your cover using the spiral doodle tool provided. No diary is included, so it is ideal as a notebook or add your own choice of diary. Includes a small square of material to test your pen. Can’t help thinking this should have been a wiple clean surface with a magic pen, rather than a one shot design process. Ah well, still cool.

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Brand new Filofax design, but still no 5/4 rings

There’s a new design of folder from Filofax, and for a moment I got my hopes up: Instantly recognisable, but with a twist. Iconic design with a simple one-piece thick leather cover, slightly rounded corners and strap with gel popper cap. Beautiful in its simplicity, with perfectly balanced proportions. Working with extra thick leather and using traditional construction techniques, these personal organisers are made by our UK factory who piece together the components by hand, using thick thread to carefully stitch them together. Unfortunately it’s still the 25mm (7/8 inch) ring size. I’m still waiting for a new Filofax with a

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Looking at the Flex organiser from Filofax

The new modular system from Filofax is nice, and lets Filofax address the same market as the Moleskine range. And I love that you can hack it with Field Notes and Cahiers as ell as the genuine Flex refills. More thoughts after I use it in anger at the Fringe, but for now… You can’t look at this in a vacuum, The middle sized Slim Flex is £19, and you can get a basic Filofax Personal for about the same cost. But in context, you’re also picking up a 64 page notebook and jot pad with the binder. The list

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