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Medium Keeps On Boiling The Frogs

Ev Williams waxes lyrical about all the changes at medium, from the new app and ability to be mentioned, to  updates to the online editor and the rather Zune-like logo: Increasingly, people come to Medium to find the most diverse thinking on issues they care about. And they don’t just find it, they read it. And they don’t just read it, they respond, they share, they highlight the best parts. When you read on Medium, you’re reading and thinking with others – others who share your views, as well as those who don’t (which makes you smarter). I’m proud of where

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Where will Ello find $55 million to return to investors?

Ello, the social network that “will never sell your data, or have advertising”, has taken on another round of funding. $5.5 million funding to be exact. If we assume the investors are looking at a standard x10 return as an initial target, where will Ello find (at least) $55 million to feed the beast? The clock is ticking and I’m struggling to see how the altruistic message pushed out will counter the standard VC play for a start-up.

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Scottish Gamers Realtime Worlds Garners Second Round Funding

Many, many moons ago, in that strange period between stopping at University and moving into the small enterprise and technology space, I interviewed for a position at a development house at Dundee. I’ve no recollection who it was, nor if they are still around, and I never went for it as the public transport links didn’t make it work out, but the rise of Dundee (and to a certain the whole of the Scottish central belt as well) is a delight to see. Congrats then to Realtime Worlds, who’ve raised a second round of $50 million (US) to continue their

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