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Good night and good luck, Walt Mossberg

Walt Mossberg’s final weekly column. He started out in 1991 with “computers are just too hard to use”, and ends with the dangers of ambient computing and its power resting in a few companies: …if we are really going to turn over our homes, our cars, our health and more to private tech companies, on a scale never imagined, we need much, much stronger standards for security and privacy than now exist. Especially in the U.S., it’s time to stop dancing around the privacy and security issues and pass real, binding laws. But, as tectonic shifts like this occur in technology,

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When storage becomes as cheap as chips

If you’re looking for signs that there’s another revolution on the way, then the price of storage is an interesting figure. In the last twelve months the cost of one gigabyte of data has dropped from a dollar to fifteen cents, according to interviews conducted by Robert Scoble: Another guy who is still stealth told me his company will build something like a shoebox with eight petabytes of solid state memory. When I worked at Microsoft it took a semi trailer stuffed with hard drives to get to six petabytes. The times they are a changin’

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Can rock radio survive the onslaught of Pandora, Spotify, and the rest?

Some interesting thoughts from Michele Catalano on FM radio’s struggle against streaming music services online. It does have a focus on the Rock radio stations, and has a huge American focus, but nevertheless a lot to think about. Jacobs is right with his point that you can’t get that local flavor online. As much as you can program your own stations, make your own playlists and design your internet radio to fit your own style, there’s still that one thing missing: the human connection. Even if a brand like Slacker Radio has actual human DJs, the personal connection one has with a

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