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Does The Xbox One Want Indie Developers?

Gamasutra on the XBox One and where it is targeted at: It is my belief that the Xbox One is primarily a device designed so corporations can have relationships with each other: Comcast and Microsoft and Activision Blizzard and the NFL. It is a device created by a company that venerates the creation of devices, and will come packed with services that sound good to companies that like to sell services to attractive demographic targets.

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Why The Current N-Gage Games Are Crap.

Simpla answer, because it’s going to take the programmers and developers a lot longer to get up to speed with the system. All the signs are that this summer’s Reset Generation (preview here) will be the first ‘true’ N-Gage game for the new gaming platform of S60 v3. Anyway, more indepth stuff on today’s editorial at All About Symbian. In short order Krisse and I looked (electronically) at him and said that it’s way too early to make that sort of comparison. After all, the games Steve is probably remembering from the N-Gage classic are titles like Pathway to Glory

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Scottish Gamers Realtime Worlds Garners Second Round Funding

Many, many moons ago, in that strange period between stopping at University and moving into the small enterprise and technology space, I interviewed for a position at a development house at Dundee. I’ve no recollection who it was, nor if they are still around, and I never went for it as the public transport links didn’t make it work out, but the rise of Dundee (and to a certain the whole of the Scottish central belt as well) is a delight to see. Congrats then to Realtime Worlds, who’ve raised a second round of $50 million (US) to continue their

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