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Trivial Posts #27: Board Games, Podcasts, And Postseason Baseball

Everything looked so calm and predictable as the weekend started. Instead, I’m off to do some last-minute travelling, but not before I share some links and articles that I enjoyed this week on the web. You can sign up to have this posted out to you every week, subscribe to the newsletter version here. You Helped My Battleship Transport Wool! There’s nothing like a good family board game at Christmas, and a big stack of them by the table during the rest of the year. So The Observer’s look at the resurgence of board games – especially the so-called ‘German’ board games that rarely pit you directly

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Now! Thumbcast, my four themes for the weekend

The Thumbcast are looking for recommendation for “Now That’s What I Call The Greatest Thumbcast Album Ever“? Here’s four from me. The “Pre-roll” Thunderbirds fanfare Not The Thunderbirds theme, but the bit that rolled over the “here’s tonight’s show in 30 seconds”. It’s the bit between “Thunderbirds are go” and the slower paced “dum, dum, dum, dum.” Pace, intensity, smash cuts, all rolled into one. And it’s still not fast enough for today’s youth… The Black Hole Overture. It’s John Barry. ’nuff said. The cars approach the F1 Grid, BBC F1. No, not The Chain. Although Fleetwood Mac get all

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