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Hollywood Is Ready To Blame Rotten Tomatoes For Everything

Most people have a good idea how good or bad the summer blockbuster movie season was, and I think most people could agree that the quality was not as high as earlier years. For every ‘Baby Driver‘ there was a ‘Baywatch‘ or ‘King Arthur‘. The big game of Hollywood has always been to not be apportioned blame when the music stops. So the industry has decided to blame Rotten Tomatoes. Brooke Barnes reports on the scapegoating in the New York Times; from how it averages review scores, how it decides Fresh or Rotten, and how it looks outside the handful of

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Writing ‘John Henry’, the not-quite-a-superhero Hollywood blockbuster

Damon Lindelof crafts a fictional Hollywood blockbuster based on the life of John Henry. Then he adds in the expected ;notes; from the studio, and crafts a perfectly believable script. Pitch us a summer blockbuster based on something very, very unblockbustery, a simple American tall tale. Let’s say, the ballad of folk hero John Henry: the nineteenth-century ex-slave who raced a steam-tunneler through a mountain, won, and perished, the first martyr in the great war twixt Man and Machine. Lindelof, not missing a beat, tongue firmly in cheek but mind fully engaged, dives in—no notes, no pauses, barely stopping for

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Stand by for Hollywood vs the App Developers

For many studios and other content providers, mobile apps are a new source of income and a powerful way to engage audiences, sell games and merchandise. But these revenues are threatened if developers do not pay licensing fees. Pop quiz: Do you think the studios will have a reasonable definition of ‘fair use’, licence the images of their latest blockbuster movie to app developers for a workable fee, or  squelch every app with a flood of DMCA takedowns to the mobile stores so they can control the entire marketing message of said movie?

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