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Some Ideas For Successful Podcasting

If there’s one thing many people agree on, it’s that podcasts are not an easy way of earning income (although is there truthfully any easy way online?).  John Corcoran’s look at some of your options is a good place both for new ‘casters and old hands. One of them stood out for me: Jared Easley, co-founder with Dan Franks of the podcasting conference Podcast Movement, suggests new podcasters use Patreon to generate revenue for their show, which allows a podcaster to accept contributions from listeners. While the strategy may not yield huge dollars, Easley says that “crowdfunding is a form of a litmus test

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“The Book” and Blog World Expo next week

It’s less than two weeks to go until the Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas, so I thought I’d let slip one of my little ideas for the event – The Book. People like to ask what’s in the sporran, and (the polite) answer while at Blog World Expo will be a Moleskine pocket notebook. Specifically a Japanese Album notebook that is one large concertinaed page that fits into the regular sized notebook format. Opened out it measures 8 feet 10 inches (2.7 metres) so there’s lots of space to fill in. My goal is to ask

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