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When did Blackberry zig instead of zag?

Although they’ve lost a huge amount of market share, compared to Blackberry, Nokia made the jump to Windows Phone with a few years of cash runway available to them. Blackberry left their ‘hail mary’ pass with BB10 far too late, and were in the process of launching the products during a period where they were contracting the company. The New Yorker’s Vauhini Vara takes a look at where BlackBerry zigged instead of zagged and lost the market? As early as 2009, BlackBerry’s share price had fallen to less than fifty dollars, from its high of two hundred and thirty-six dollars

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Digital advertising growth now exceeds the drop in print advertising

Unfortunately (a) digital is starting from a much smaller base, so in raw terms it’s still tens of millions behind print; and (b) it’s for the Daily Mail website. Still, lets take it as a positive sign for newspapers in general. Just looking at advertising, DMGT said that digital advertising growth across DMG Media now exceeds print advertising decline: “This is a significant inflection point for the business”, the company said.

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