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The Voice of S60 Podcast, from the S60 Summit

More from the Nokia organised S60 Summit, here’s the interview Rafe and I did with Saara Bergstrom, who runs Nokia’s own podcast, the Voice of S60. It’s going over the news and issues at the Barcelona event, including the shocking news that the conference pens are of a much lower quality than previous years. Bah…. [audio:http://nds2.voiceofs60.nokia.com/fdp/voiceofs60/VoiceofS60_37_Rafe_Blandford_Ewan_Spence_28052008.MP3] Show Notes – MP3 File – RSS Feed

Marty Feldman, Chewbacca and the Desert Island Geek

Looking for something light and fluffy for your Saturday listening? Then may I present the latest episode of Neil Dixon’s Desert Island Geek show. Described on the site as… “we invite one self confessed geek to spend a little time on the Island. But there’s a catch: they may only bring along a limited selection of geek items!,” the format should be familiar, with TV and Radio shows base around similar principles of getting people talking about things they like to find out more. [audio:http://m-uk.podshow.com/media/11749/episodes/111804/desertislandgeek-111804-05-10-2008.mp3] Desert Island Geek – Show Notes – MP3 File Note, this was recorded back in