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The Fringe podcast with the people who can’t get down to the studio

[audio:http://archive.org/download/TpcFringe20131008201307/tpc_fringe2013_10082013_07.mp3] Time for a Saturday special on the Fringe podcast. While we’re broadcasting live on Castle FM Monday through Friday, not every guest can make it down to the radio studio. That leaves a lot of stories around the Fringe that still need to be told, so this year we’ll be heading into Edinburgh with the podcast microphone to bring you Carey Marx, Death Ship 666!, Ben Moor, and Darts Wives.

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Everyone on today’s Fringe podcast loves Peter Capaldi

[audio:http://archive.org/download/TpcFringe20130808201305/tpc_fringe2013_08082013_05.mp3] With Mitch Benn and the Distractions, Rob Lloyd, The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, and The Henson Alternatives. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, follow along at the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast site, or listen on 98.8 Castle FM at 3pm every day if you’re in Edinburgh.

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Iain Banks and the cosmic ray with his name on it

Stuart Kelly’s final interview with Iain Banks us up on The Guardian, and Banks’ thoughts on the cause of his cancer: As we walk to the door, Banks pulls one final, left-field surprise. “Do you know that I know what caused the cancer? …cosmic ray,” he says. “I won’t brook any contradiction; it was a high-energy particle. A star exploded hundreds or thousands of years ago and ever since there’s been a cosmic ray – a bad-magic bullet with my name on it, to quote Ken – heading towards the moment where it hit one of my cells and mutated

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