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The one lesson I learned that The Nightly Show needs to understand

After the first year of hosting my daily chat show at the Edinburgh Fringe (which is still running thirteen years later), Brian Luff gave me one of the best pieces of advice I have had in my broadcast career. It went something like this: “I listened to the Fringe podcasts, but now I’ve met you I have to ask… why is the ‘you’ that I see in front of me not in the podcast? I want to spend time with that person.” You can have the latest names, the greatest guests, and the biggest world-changing ideas, but these will only get people

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When personality and employers clash on Twitter

I can see both sides of the argument for Laura Kuenssberg’s twitter account problem. She’s moving from the BBC’s Political new team to ITV’s Business team. But her Twitter account, which she is naturally highly and personally identified with, was @BBCLauraK. Yes, that might need to be something else when she gets to ITV. Even though ITV have made sure to get the account @ITVLauraK the question is this. Should Kuesnsberg simply rename her existing account and allow people following her to keep following her, or should she start again from scratch because people were actually following the BBC through

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