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If Carlsberg made keyboards, they would never be as good as the Model M

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

The Verge’s Adi Robertson takes a look back at the IBM Model M keyboard, one of the lost design classics in the rush to thin laptops and portable computers:

Unlike mechanical switches that are depressed straight down like plungers, the Model M has springs under each key that contract, snap flat, or “buckle,” and then spring back into place when released. They demand attention in a way that the soft, silent rubber domes in most modern keyboards don’t. This isn’t always a good thing; Model M owners sometimes ruefully post stories of spouses and coworkers who can’t stand the incessant chatter. But fans say the springs’ resistance and their audible “click” make it clear when a keypress is registered, reducing errors. Maybe more importantly, typing on the Model M is a special, tangible experience. Much like on a typewriter, the sharp click gives every letter a physical presence.

Pretty sure my first IBM-XT computer had one of these, which means it must be in the loft somewhere… maybe I should get this connected to my MacBook Pro?

Rubber key mats, Z80s, and a USB Spectrum

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

One-off Etsy design of a USB keyboard in a ZX Spectrum housing. Its almost as expensive as the original ZX Spectrum. Part of me hopes that the guts of the Spectrum donated for this project are being hardwired into an Apple Bluetooth keyboard to make a futuristic iSpectrum.