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Apple, the iPhone 7, and assuming Taniyama-Shimura

There’s an Apple event next week, but anyone who follows tech news online knows that already. They have also read what Apple is announcing, even though Apple has confirmed absolutely nothing about the event. And the great thing about the tech reporting industry is that everyone is cool with that. I find it curious that this attitude follows one of the great ‘I hope this is right’ moments of 20th century mathematics. In 1955, a presentation by Yutaka Taniyama and Goro Shimura proposed that every elliptic curve had a modular form. Every mathematician was confident that the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture was correct,

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Adele’s ‘Let the Sky Leak’

So there’s a leak of just part of the new Bond theme, which hints at the ‘big ballad’ style and the use of John Barry’s motif. But it’s not quite long enough to fully get the track. It’s leaked at almost the same time as the time and date for the full reveal of the track is announced, and is being squelched on YouTube and SoundCloud for copyright reasons. But it’s really easy to find the ‘leak’ and hear the forbidden fruit… That’s rather handy, in a PR building up the media buzz sort of way.

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Chinese Whispers style reporting is why tech blogs can’t have nice toys

Paul Thurrott on the whole one hundred million dollars of PR for Microsoft and Nokia stories going around. This is why blogging rumours on top of rumours on top of guesswork to chase page-views really damages a lot of tech reporting online. I’ve been sitting on this information for weeks so that Microsoft can make its big announcement at CES this coming week. But with these leaks, as with the equally inaccurate LTE leaks last week, I felt the need to set the record straight. The way tech blogs work these days is that any information, no matter how inaccurate,

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