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Start-ups, Music, and Copyright Avoidance

Bas Grasmeyer for Hypebot: What is needed is a Startup License that lets startups quickly and flexibly license music from the majors and largest indies for a set duration. After this duration, startups would still have to negotiate, but at least they’ve got their products figured out and investors will have a better understanding of what the business is potentially worth. The license should allow startups to opt in or out of territories. If you want to do UK-only, fine. If you want to pay more and do something global, it’s possible. A global startup music license would do tremendous

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The Pincer Movement that could kill Android

Okay, some pure speculation on my part (and a link-bait of a headline), but could the next twelve months see a pincer movement on Android that neuters the Google dominance in the mobile space? On one side, Apple. They’ve just launched the iPhone 4S, with stunning sales. No matter what you think of the iPhone as a platform, the public see it as one of the leading handsets. Even when the Nokia N95 was technical delight, it was the Apple phone that caught the public. Times have changed, and as Google pull out as many stops as they can to

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Let’s Just Card Everyone Buying Alcohol in Scotland

Cross-posted from ‘The Scottish Sketch.’ Whenever I visit America, I invariably travel through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, and stop off at one of the concourse Bar and Grills. One of the things that I notice, but it perfectley acceptable by most of the domestic travellers is that whenever someone asks for an alcoholic drink, they are asked for ID (which of course as their date of birth on it). Even the couple who appear to be of pensionable age are carded, and think nothing of it. In all the debate about the raising of the age where adults can buy

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