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Building A Better Burger In Scotland

It’s a delightfully over the top headline on the site, but Buzzfeed’s look at the best burgers in Scotland is worth remembering. Bread Meats Bread are a Scottish chain famed for their decadent burgers, and it doesn’t get much more decadent than this double cheeseburger served on a candied bacon doughnut. They also serve a mean poutine, and offer halal and gluten free options. Hilary Mitchell at Buzzfeed.

50 Facts On Mild Autism

Loving this list by Chris Bonnello, with gems such as: …5) If you have it mildly, you’re at the awkward midpoint of being ‘normal enough’ for everyone to expect the same from you as everyone else, but ‘autistic enough’ to not always reach those expectations. …16) Hints don’t work. Just bloody tell us. (Seriously, on my first ever date the girl wanted me to pay for her lunch, so instead of just asking me honestly she hinted that she didn’t have enough money for food and for the bus. I just smiled and said “don’t worry, cheesy chips are only

Slate’s Graveyard of Google Products

Buried in these hallowed grounds are some of Google’s ill-fated services. Some, like Google Reader, lived long, prosperous lives, full of admiration and glory. Most, like Google Wave and Google Buzz, struggled to carve out a place in this harsh, unforgiving world where technologies continuously clash and innovation reigns king. But whether these services transformed our productivity or only polluted our inboxes, they all touched our world in some way.

Autism, Parenting, and The Princess Bride

Vikki sent this to me, it’s wonderful, and needs to be shared. 6. Never start a land war in Asia. Well that’s just good advice. 7. Success means using the right moves for the terrain. There is no definitive intervention for autism. The choices that other people make may not be the right ones for your family, and vice versa. And that’s OK. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. There are 17 points, and they’re all amazing.