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Trivial Posts #26: Fast Scripts, Slow Games, And A Martian Graveyard

Another week, and another collection of internet links that have made me stop and think during the last week. Hopefully they’ll make you do the same. Never forget you can sign up to have this posted out to you every week, subscribe to the newsletter version here. When Reality Shows Meet Reality As the reality TV season kicks in on prime-time Saturday night television in the United Kingdom, ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ and ‘The X-Factor‘ are set to dominate the schedules and the social media chat. It’s also a time where the power of the producers and scriptwriters of the shows can be seen impacting the

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How to win the space race… die on Mars

Elon Musk at SXSW: Musk explained that he would like to take part in a Mars mission — and even stay there — assuming that his companies could survive without him. Indeed, he noted that he’s long said he wouldn’t necessarily expect to return to Earth after such a mission. But he would want to know that the rocket technology was good enough to get him there safely. “I’ve said I want to die on Mars,” he said. “Just not on impact.” More people with this attitude and we might get out of low earth orbit once more.

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Dennis Tito’s echoes of Apollo’s day trip to Venus

I’m fascinated by Dennis Tito’s announcement of a manned fly-by of Mars (if he can find a few more people to co-fund it with him), with the goal of sending two people on a 500 day mission to fly out to Mars, pass round it at high speed, and then come back to Earth again. Because you don’t stop at the other end, it doesn’t need a huge amount of energy. It’s not the first time something like this has been proposed, NASA had a wacky plan to do this with a Saturn V and an Apollo capsule in the

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