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Reprinting the delights of singing for your Superbowl

Popbitch looked at the most dangerous moment in the American music calendar this week… singing the National Anthem at the Superbowl. With Superbowl 50 taking place this weekend in Santa Clara (…I can read a map and it’s miles away from San Francisco) the moment is coming around once more, and Lady Gaga has picked up the poison-filled chalice: Lady Gaga has performed for millions of people all around the planet, but never all at once. This Sunday’s Super Bowl will be one of the biggest audiences she has ever played for – and even a huge star like Gaga will

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Medium Keeps On Boiling The Frogs

Ev Williams waxes lyrical about all the changes at medium, from the new app and ability to be mentioned, to  updates to the online editor and the rather Zune-like logo: Increasingly, people come to Medium to find the most diverse thinking on issues they care about. And they don’t just find it, they read it. And they don’t just read it, they respond, they share, they highlight the best parts. When you read on Medium, you’re reading and thinking with others – others who share your views, as well as those who don’t (which makes you smarter). I’m proud of where

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The Death Of Another Medium

Next up on the scrapheap, the blackboard. Or at least the blackboard/chalk combination used by mathematicians around the world. There’s one supply of their favourite chalk, and once it’s gone it’s gone. When the elderly owner of Hagoromo Bungu gave up his company in March, the technology for making Hagoromo chalk was transferred to Uma-jirushi, a big office supply corporation. Uma-jirushi now makes DC Chalk Deluxe, which it bills as a collaboration with Hagoromo. A company rep said the manufacturing process is slightly different, but assured me that customers should expect the same high quality. Still, the rep added, Uma-jirushi’s chalk production

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