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A familiar podcasting voice from MWC

Monday, February 27th, 2017

For those following MWC remotely (or need something to listen to on the hike to the Barcelona gatherings), Rafe Blandford is part of the DigitasLBi UK team who are bringing (hopefully) daily shows now MWC is under way. Start of with the preview that aired over the weekend – listen on Soundcloud – and check there tomorrow for more! 

Stop offering MWC tickets on their own as prize

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Lots of mobile sites offering a free ticket to MWC which happens next week (here’s Microsoft’s Window Blog, as one example). A little note for those sites… the ticket to MWC is not the issue. The price of a flight, along with accommodation in Barcelona at short notice, that’s the problem. And it’s a problem that isn’t solved as part of your prize package.

Same goes for SXSW badges, if there are no hotels available in Austin, don’t offer a badge without offering to help with accommodation.

MWC will be in Barcelona till 2018

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

The other Ewan on Twitter:


Seconded. It was much nicer when it was in Cannes, even if I did have to trust Rafe to make the hotel arrangements.

My Cynical Hat Comes Out To Look Back At Mobile World Congress

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Over on All About Symbian, I’ve posted my little Network moment while looking back at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

I want to let you into a big secret about the recent Mobile World Congress and your smartphone. Nothing has changed since Monday. Nobody waved a big magic wand and suddenly the world is a happier place and all your problems (even just those around smartphones and mobile communications) have been solved. You could easily argue that MWC hasn’t even amounted to a hill of beans.

After all, the phones on display are pretty much out of reach for months. The Nokia N97 ‘changed our lives’ in November 2008, yet it’s still not available. The best Nokia could say is June, and even this is in only a few territories, at a rather high price. To the regular reader, that means the N97 will be in their hands (if they want it) close to a year after it was announced. Don’t even mention the Sony Ericsson  Idou…

The full post, Mad at MWC, can be found here.