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Trivial Posts #7: Omnishambles, Mobile Search, And Freemium Snooze Buttons

There are some weeks I find a lot during the week to put on the blog, others where it is either a bit quieter, or my attention is focused on deadlines or other projects. It was the latter this week, but I’ve still been squirreling away links and articles that have made me think. And as Monday kicks off, you can enjoy them as well in my  weekly collection of interesting posts, ideas, video clips, essays, images, and anything else that catches my eye online. Don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list so you always get your Trivial Posts every Monday. Trust The

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Onesheet could build a musical nexus to replace MySpace

Brendan Mulligan has launched Onesheet, which in his words "provides bands a simple, maintenance free web presence that can be set up in under a minute." This is essentially about.me for a band (and Mulligan acknowledges this when you reach the sign-up page). With MySpace on the slide, and a huge amount of band information distributed around the web, bringing it together in one place with no real maintenance needed by the bands and performers is not only a smart idea, but it addresses a problem that currently exists. And with my "Rock show" producer hat on, I’d love a

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