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Netflix And The Return Of The Dark Torrents Of The Internet

The rise of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the online streaming services looks to be driving a growth in BitTorrent usage and media piracy. When consumers are given easy and almost friction free access to the media (even if it’s a £10/month fee) they’re going to stay there, rather than explore the darker corners of the internet. While there are still questions over revenue distribution (especially with streaming music services) this is still a better option for creators than having everyone pirate the latest album or TV series. The problem is that the myriad of services, all with their own monthly

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Don’t tell American Broadcasters about the streaming in Apartment 23

Another American TV show cancelled (this time it’s the bowdlerises ‘Don’t Trust The B****** In ApArtment 23’), and once more the entire blame is placed on the time-slot given to it by the network. In totally unrelated news, Tristan Louis looks at how many US TV shows from 2012 are available on catch-up through services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon online. 22%, 16%, and 6% on the respective services. THe idea of appointment viewing on TV, outside of sports and other live events (such as the Olympics, Eurovision, and a Royal Wedding) is increasingly irrelevant. Marketing, providing legal (and measurable)

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Will Netflix UK herald access fees on the UK networks?

The problem with Netflix in the UK is hat there’s barely enough room for all that iPlayer streaming. The UK networks are already screaming at the BBC for a carriage charge, what’s going to happen when Netflix (which takes up some 30% of US internet traffic) gets some real traction on this side of the Atlantic? Netflix is hardly likely to want to see operators charging more money to consumers to access it’s service. If anything, Netflix is likely to want a cut. But then, if Netflix 3G usage skyrockets over the next few months, it won’t be long before we

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