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This sounds like a job for Toby Ziegler

[Rupert Murdoch]  has drafted in Steven Rubenstein… to offer advice on how best to present himself during the hearing on Tuesday… The Observer understands there are deep concerns at News Corporation that Murdoch and his son will come across as having secrets to hide on Tuesday. And the politicians can call on Aaron Sorkin so they look their best when grandstanding on Tuesday.

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The Sunday Times is Pre-Revenue, Let’s Twitter That

I think Kevin Marks nails the reply to The Sunday Times Twitter article rather nicely: Launched in 1821, The Sunday Times is the inescapable, old tech product. It boasts 1.2m readers — teeny compared to the BBC World Services’s 183m — but its audience has slumped in the past year. Right now, the Australia-based company that owns The Sunday Times is valued at $29billion, even though, in start-up argot, it is “pre-revenue”. Despite the big losses and the ennui swirling around his product, Murdoch (who also coined the term “Digger”) has admitted many are bewildered when they first encounter The

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