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Trivial Posts #29: To Be Read In The Style Of Clive Anderson

A slightly delayed Trivial Posts this week, but it’s still full of the best stories, links, and articles that I’ve found online this week. You can sign up to have this posted out to you every week, subscribe to the newsletter version here. Who’s Line Was First Anyway? They might be ten-a-penny on panel shows and in comedy clubs, but when did the lust for improvised comedy start in the UK? John Dowie discovers the first giants for Chortle… Jim Sweeney and Steve: Just as the Sex Pistols had inspired a generation of kids to form bands, so Alexei Sayle inspired a load of performers

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Who will buy news online? Lots of people!

So if 77% of readers won’t pay for news online… that means 23% will! Even with the rounding errors, it’s a good rule of thumb to say that 23% will pay somewhere in the media of the figure asked by the Harris Interactive poll, which would be $5/£3 a month. Given that Rupert Murdoch is looking to put his papers behind a pay wall, he’s got to love numbers like this. But I’m going to use numbers from The Guardian for this next bit. Their ABC for Sept 2009 was 32.9m users. So 23% of them, paying £3 a month,

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