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Nostalgia is typing everything exactly as you see it printed

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Usborne computing have released two new books for children to learn about computers and programming (they are Key Stage 1 level, if that means anything to you). ‘Lift The Flap Computers and Coding‘ and ‘Coding For Beginners Using Scratch‘ may be popular in school libraries in the next year or two, but it’s what Usborne released for free download next to these titles that excites me.

The full range of their early 1980s Computer Guides… some of the books that started me programming on the ZX Spectrum. Including the classic ‘Computer Spacegames‘, which was the first of the guidebooks I remember.

The full collection is here. A more civilised  time with better artwork and lots of ‘guess a number’ apps!

Your Eurovision Song Contest Score Cards

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Just a few hours until the Eurovision Song Contest final, and as expected, everyone is searching online for some score cards to print out for the night. I could knock one up (as I do for Junior Eurovision) but there’s a much easier way. Go grab the one from the BBC Eurovision website

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Grab Your Eurovision Score Sheets Here!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Only an hour to go – part of me so wishes I was in Belgrade in the stadium ight now… maybe next year, eh. Anyway, till then, if you haven;t got one sorted out yet, the Eurovision Official Site has a single page PDF score sheet for you to print out and use throughout the night so you can join in. And if you’re partaking in the totally unofficial “Pick Three Euro Songs” competition on Twitter (tag #eurovision) then this should be a must.

Update for 2009: The BBC’s Eurovision site is providing a scoresheet for this year’s contest here.