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The story of the Pebble that started an avalanche of smartwatches

Smartwatchfans (or should that be Smartwatch Central to follow all the other sites?) takes a look back at the Pebble smartwatch in a ‘story so far…’ article: Earlier attempts at making watches smarter, everything from the classic Casio calculator watch to the Sony Ericsson MBW series, didn’t do it for Migicovsky. They simply didn’t do enough. Inspired by pen computers like the Newton, Psion, and the Palm Pilot, and their eventual convergence with smartphones, Migicovsky felt there was a place for a device that was even more convenient. He wanted something that could take on a subset of tasks and

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You gotta have an app store, even your wrist needs an app store

And so we move on to the next digital revolution. Once upon a time you knew that your cutting edge technology had made it because someone had ported ‘Doom’ to it. Now you know you’re with the hip crowd when your device gets its very own app store. My wrist now has an app store, thanks to Pebble: We are extremely excited to announce the Pebble appstore! Many of you, as developers, have asked for it and we are happy to announce that it will go live with Pebble SDK 2.0 early next year. Pebble appstore will be included in the

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Some thoughts on the Pebble smart watch

Four weeks on the wrist, and I’m all set to go Charlton Heston on you if you try to pry it off. The Pebble smartwatch cracks the challenge of the smartwatch, and while it’s not the final iteration of the wearable technology, the Pebble reminds me of the promise of the early Psion and Palm devices I used. The Pebble reminds me of the early days of the PDA, with many limitations in the hardware and software being overcome by smart hacking. The limitations of size and interface are obvious, while others are down to the hardware design (the Pebble

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